Your Tri-State Courier, we do it all

People who live or work outside of the New York City metropolitan area may not understand how important couriers can be to ensure the flow of business in the tri-state area. After all, in many metropolitan areas, transporting packages or objects across town is a relatively simple matter, since many people own their own vehicles and streets are easy to navigate and are not congested. This scenario is very different in New York, where arranging even simple courier service can seem to be a logistical nightmare because the city is so congested.

NPD Logistics offers a way for you to wake up from your logistical nightmares! We know that we have competition, but our commitment to our customers is simple: we are committed to providing the quickest and most reliable same-day messenger and courier service in New York City. Furthermore, we go beyond what many of our competitors offer. In addition to providing services in the city, we offer them to the entire tri-state area, because we understand that the business of New York City does not stop at the city's borders, but extends into New Jersey and Connecticut.

Furthermore, we understand that logistics mean that you might need a courier service one day, but freight management another day. In addition to messenger and courier services for the tri-state area, we also offer: mail pick-up and delivery, interoffice deliveries, LTL (less than truckload) & FTL (full truck load) shipments, data secure shipping, order tracking, freight management, distribution and warehousing service, record management, and confidential shredding. We can focus on the logistics you need to keep your business running, while you concentrate on running the rest of your business.