Stay on top of your publishing, let NPD store and distribute it!

Publishing and distribution are two entirely different business areas, and yet many small publishers are faced with the challenge of writing, editing, and publishing periodical works like magazines, and with distributing them. Unfortunately, while the world of publishing has opened up tremendously, allowing people to literally develop entire magazines from a space as big as a home office, and those magazines can be printed by printing companies that sell their services to publishers, these magazines are still a set size and of a certain weight, making it impossible for many smaller publishers to store the magazines in their offices or to transport the magazines to various carriers for delivery.

Two of the challenges that many smaller magazine publishers face is distribution and warehousing. Storing them in unsecured locations introduces the risk that magazines will be released or leaked prior to their release date. Moreover, choosing an unreliable logistics provider introduces distribution issues, increasing the likelihood that customers will not get their publications on time. The timeliness of publication release is critical, because advertisers expect the magazines, and thus their ads, to reach customers on time. Errors in any part of your logistics chain can cause other errors resulting in nightmares for the publishers of periodical materials; material that shows up too early or material that shows up late, if it shows up at all.

NPD Logistics provides the perfect solution to your magazine warehousing and distribution dilemma. As a full-service logistics provider, we handle both storage and distribution of your product. Your magazines will be kept secure in our warehouse until they need to be sent out for distribution. Then, they will be shipped and distributed to your customers, to arrive on time, meeting your customers' expectations and your advertisers' expectations. Contact us at 908-509-1NPD to find out how we can help you with your magazine warehousing and distribution problems.