The Great Mediator

What can be more frustrating than having dozens of things on your to-do list, but being forced to wait in line before you can get to them?  Unfortunately, many small and medium sized business owners experience this frustration several times a week, as they wait at the Post Office to send packages or even as they wait in traffic while they drive to the Post Office to pick up mail.  Even if each trip only takes a half-hour at a time, the reality is that every moment spent waiting in line to send a package or driving to the Post Office to pick up mail is a moment that cannot be spent focusing on your business.  In fact, as a business grows, handling the mail can literally become a full-time endeavor; that is exactly why so many large businesses literally have mail rooms dedicated to handling all of their incoming and outgoing mail.  What do you do when your business is not quite big enough for a mail room, but you still do not have time to wait and wait at the Post Office?  You hire NPD Logistics to handle your Post Office mail pickup and delivery for you.

Working with your schedule NPD Logistics puts you on a route that already includes a huge portion of the tristate area with delivery from any Post Office in New York City or Jersey City, so that you can get your mail delivered in a timely manner while still being able to mail shipments that will go out that day.  We not only handle regular priority mail, but also specialized mail like Express, Priority, and even Return Receipt Requested items, so that you can handle all of your specialized shipping needs from the comfort of your place of business, without the hassle and delay that comes with a Post Office visit.  Our convenient pickup and delivery service also means that you will no longer have to worry about getting to the Post Office during high-demand business hours; we do that for you.

Of course, what customers love most about NPD Logistics’ Post Office pickup and delivery service is our flexibility.   While some mail pickup and delivery services may require long-term contracts, we understand that businesses can have intermittent need for our services and work with customers to customize the right service that will help you and your business operate more efficiently and smoothly. 

Call us today and find out how NPD Logistics can meet your tristate mail pickup and delivery needs.