NPD Logistics is Proud to Announce the Addition of John Zahorodny as a New Partner in Our Worldwide Operations Division

John Zahorodny, former Executive Vice President at SDS Global Logistics brings over 30 years of experience in logistics to NPD Logistics. NPD Logistics is a local New York company with a big impact; committed to meeting all of your courier service requirements in New York, New Jersey, and the surrounding tri-state area, NPD offers messenger and courier services, mail pickup and delivery services, freight management, record management, and distribution and warehousing services.

Zahorodny's expertise in global issues will help NPD strengthen its worldwide operations, bringing the same level of personalized customer service to all of our customers, whether they are in the tri-state area or across the world. Zahorodny will have three primary responsibilities in his new position: he will be NPD's TSA Security Coordinator, is Hazmat Certified, and will be establishing NPD as an Indirect Air Carrier (IAC).

While Zahorodny's addition to NPD is a new one, he has a long working relationship with NPD's President, Nicholas Racioppo; they worked together for more than a decade at SDS and are looking forward to once again using their collaborative working relationship to take NPD to the next level.

Zahorodny is a proven expert at developing and implementing logistic strategies, and he does so in a way that considers two critical factors: the people and the budget. He comes to NPD with experience managing large numbers of employees in various capacities and knows how to optimize and coordinate their performances. He has also consistently been able to come within budget guidelines and been able to develop strategies that can improve profitability and cash flow.

NPD is especially excited about Zahorodny's skills in international shipping and logistics. He has vast experience in Asia, India, and Europe, where NPD anticipates growing logistics markets. This experience includes traveling abroad to set up partnerships and the ability to communicate and negotiate in foreign settings. He is adept at analysis and negotiation in terms of contracts of vendor rate agreements. He has worked extensively with both domestic and international airlines, ocean carriers, full-load carriers, and local delivery providers, so that he understands the total international shipping process, including all of the international documentation required for both imports and exports.

Zahorodny and the rest of the NPD team look forward to working with you to coordinate your next logistics or supply chain management challenge.