NPD Importing

Importing goods for sale in the United States is a critical part of the U.S. economy.  As manufacturing has moved overseas, it is literally impossible to find some categories of goods available in bulk in the United States.  Therefore, to have access to those goods, end-line consumers have to rely upon importers to bring them in from other countries.  In turn, in order to make a profit, importers have to secure reliable and affordable source materials and shipping into the country.

Perhaps the greatest challenge that importers face is ensuring that they are complying with the applicable federal rules and regulations regarding imports.  U.S. Customs and Border Protection has a series of rules and regulations governing imports into the country. Failure to comply with these rules and regulations can mean delays in your imports, and, in some scenarios can even impose an importer to fines or other punishments.  Unfortunately, the complexity of the rules and regulations makes it possible for an importer to inadvertently or accidentally run afoul of the rules. 

NPD Logistics is an experienced logistics company that works with importers and exporters to process shipments in the most efficient and affordable manner possible.  We can help you navigate the complex rules and regulations governing your shipments, ensuring that you have all of the documentation necessary to expedite your goods through the customs process.  We work with air, marine, rail, and ground shippers to get your goods to their locations as quickly as possible, whether you are located nearby or far away from a port or international airport.  Moreover, by closely monitoring the goods we ship, we make sure our customers are aware of the locations of their goods and the status of the shipping process.  Try us for your next shipment of imported goods and see the NPD difference!