NPD Gets Registered with the FDA

NPD Logistics is proud to announce that it is now an FDA registered warehouse. 


Why is FDA registration a big deal for warehouses?  Commercially prepared food, drugs, and other products, such as cosmetics, have very rigid FDA guidelines about how they can be stored and shipped.  These guidelines are critical because they help ensure consumer safety.  Safety can be impacted by storage conditions, including temperature, humidity, and even the presence of pests.  As a result, many commercial ventures find logistics to be one of their greatest operational challenges.  Having access to an FDA registered warehouse can simplify logistics for your company.


What can NPD Logistics do for you with an FDA registered warehouse that it could not previously do?  The biggest benefit for our customers is that our warehouse can be used to expand your existing storage space.  Holidays are coming, and our commercial customers know that means that they can expect large orders.  Many companies are already well into their holiday order preparations.  However, especially for smaller businesses, there may be storage problems that can lead to limiting holiday inventory.  By having a warehouse that is FDA registered, your products can be stored and ready for shipment to meet your earliest orders and satisfy customer demand. 


By becoming an FDA registered warehouse, NPD logistics can also simplify shipping for its customers.  Products can be stored and ready for shipment, so that individual orders do not have to be processed as they are received.  Not only does this allow you to build up inventory, but it can also help you reduce the amount of hours your work to ensure shipments are fulfilled.  It saves time and money for customers who need FDA compliance in their shipments, and, because FDA compliance regulations are in place to help ensure product quality, it can also enhance the reliability of your shipments.