Messenger Services means Personal Delivery

While NPD has grown into an internationally respected logistics company, which primarily services New York/ New Jersey and the greater tristate area, we began with a simple goal: providing high quality courier and messenger service to the New York and New Jersey area.  People outside of the tristate area may not even understand how critical a reliable messenger service is to the flow of business in the tristate area, especially New York City, but all native New Yorkers are familiar with the ubiquitous bike messenger or other courier, speeding deliveries from one location to another. 

What sets NPD apart from all of the other messenger services in the area?  We would love to say that none of our competitors are reliable or affordable, but that would not be true. There are other reliable messenger services in the tristate area and there are other affordable messenger services in the tristate area. However, we can say that we offer a unique combination of reliability and affordability, offering champagne service on a beer budget.  We put the customer first and handle every single job, whether large or small, like it is the most critical job that we have. 

Messenger service is not simply about getting a product from one address to another address.  Messenger service means personal delivery.  At NPD Logistics, we are committed to getting your parcel safely to the right person at the right place and at the right time.  We understand that a delivery that does not meet all four of those requirements is worthless to our customers, so we focus on reliability.

We also offer flexibility for our customers.  We have established routes for courier and messenger deliveries, which can provide an extremely affordable alternative for same-day delivery needs in the tristate area.  We are known for our reliability and time-sensitive customers like banks, pharmacies, hospitals, and payroll companies know that they can rely on us to meet our schedule.  However, we also know that some needs are not planned and cannot go on a scheduled time frame.  We are happy to offer on-demand messenger and courier service for those customers who have immediate, unanticipated courier needs. 

There are multiple ways to schedule your messenger service; telephone, on the computer, and on our new app, available for both iPhone and android devices.  Call us today and find out how NPD can meet your tristate messenger and courier needs.