Stay in Fashion with Our Messenger Service

If you're in the fashion industry in the New York or New Jersey area, you know how important it is to keep things moving. Trends change, and you can't sit around waiting for something to get shipped to a client or designer and then shipped back. You need it there right away. We can help, with our messenger service. Whether you're sending a letter with drawings, designs, and specs, a small package with color and fabric selections, or a larger package with a new and exciting garment carefully packed, we'll be there to handle your needs. Just give us a call and we can arrange a convenient time to pick up what you're sending.

We'll let you know how quickly it will be delivered, and we pride ourselves by being on time, every time. Our company has stayed in business by providing a great service at a great price, and we give every customer the same high-quality experience and careful consideration. It's not easy being in the fashion industry, and we know you have to keep things moving forward and keep your clients happy. We do the same thing, so we understand the value of your time and the importance of deadlines. You don't have to sit around fretting that your latest fashions aren't going to arrive at the runway on time, or that your model won't get the fitting information she needs before the big day.

Just give the job to us, and we'll make sure your letter or package gets where it needs to go, when you need it to be there. Then you can spend your time on more productive things, like the latest trend in the clothes you produce, or the latest look in accessories. You need to focus in order to grow your brand in the fashion industry, so you don't want to waste any time worried about shipping. By trusting us, you'll see that you can send your letters and packages off with our messenger service and then forget about them. They're as good as delivered, and that peace of mind will never go out of fashion.