Data Secure Shipping

If you want to make sure your shipping is secure, we can provide you with peace of mind and quality service at a reasonable price. One of the best ways to make sure your shipping is secure is through chain of custody services. An unbroken chain of custody ensures that you know who handled your shipment at each and every point in its journey, so you know it wasn't compromised and you can trace and track its movements. It's a great way to feel safe. Here's how chain of custody works. First, the items that you're going to be shipping are numbered and listed. Then, they're placed in a sealed container or into a truck, depending on their size. This is done right in plain view of an employee or authorized representative right at the location they're being shipped from. They're never out of sight of that employee or representative until all that is completed.

Once that has been completed, they stay in the continuous possession of the courier and remain sealed. There are regular updates given by the shipper as to the status of the shipment. These are provided to the authorized representative or employee. You won't have to wait until the courier reaches its destination to find out about your shipment, where it is, and if there are any concerns to be addressed. When the shipment arrives at its designated location, any and all seals that were placed on it at the original point of origin are opened in front of a designated employee or authorized representative. This ensures that there is no tampering with the items being shipped, and can be an excellent way to ship sensitive or protected information that you don't want just anyone to see. With data secure shipping, you won't have to worry about who's handling your shipment and you'll know where it is all the time. Anything you send will arrive in the same condition it left your location, with the seals still intact and the knowledge that it hasn't been seen by anyone unauthorized to view it.