Welcome Eric Roche!

NPD is Proud to Welcome Eric Roche to its Executive Team


Although he does not think of himself as someone who fades into the background, Eric Roche has spent his professional life perfecting two systems that should ideally disappear from the customer’s concerns:  Technology and Logistics.  Eric’s focus has been on streamlining Technology and Logistics to enhance the Customer’s experience and enhance the Corporate Value Chain. Eric knows that when Logistics run smoothly, Companies have what they need to operate and Customers get products when they are promised. This eliminates the need to think about when something is coming or whether it will be there on-time.  .

In his prior role at Novitex Enterprise Solutions, Eric has worked with innovators in web-based Marketing and web-based Retailers at both Avon Products and The Gap. By implementing and managing onsite Mail and Reprographics services, Eric helped Avon and The Gap optimize its organizational communication channels by realizing untapped efficiencies. His commitment to Six Sigma process philosophy helped PWC, MOMA and Universal Music Group modernize their onsite support services.  Eric has successfully implemented new technologies such as Cloud Based Accountable Delivery Systems, Company Web Based Shipping Platforms and Company Web Based Local Courier Platforms increasing service levels with minimal impact to end users. 

Of course, the modern web-based business relies on Logistics to provide exemplary customer service. Unsuccessful Companies believe that they have no control over third-party provision of Logistics services, which can leave them struggling to provide good customer service. Eric knows that a successful company not only finds the shippers who can handle International and Domestic shipments, but also works with those shippers to help streamline the process.  The entire shipping industry has had to make incredible changes to accommodate web-based retail businesses and Eric’s experience with providing custom solutions to Large Corporations aligns perfectly with NPD Logistics Organizational Goals.

Changes in Technology and Logistics shape the Modern Business World and Eric believes that harnessing these services correctly, lead to positive outcomes for businesses. Eric’s focus on providing Custom Solutions & High levels of Customer Service will integrate seamlessly with NPD’s “CUSTOMER FIRST” Culture. Nicholas Racioppo - President & Owner is excited to welcome Eric to the NPD Family and we look forward to the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.