FDA Registered Warehouse - NPD Gets Registered with the FDA

NPD Logistics is proud to announce that it is now an FDA registered warehouse.    Why is FDA registration a big deal for warehouses?  Commercially prepared food, drugs, and other products, such as cosmetics, have very rigid FDA guidelines about how they can be stored and shipped.  These guidelines are critical because they help ensure consumer safety.  Safety can be impacted by storage conditions, including temperature, humidity, and even the presence of pests.  As a result, many commercial ventures find logistics to be one of their greatest operational challenges.  Having access to an FDA registered warehouse can simplify logistics for...

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STORE AND DISTRIBUTE - Stay on top of your publishing, let NPD store and distribute it!

Publishing and distribution are two entirely different business areas, and yet many small publishers are faced with the challenge of writing, editing, and publishing periodical works like magazines, and with distributing them. Unfortunately, while the world of publishing has opened up tremendously, allowing people to literally develop entire magazines from a space as big as a home office, and those magazines can be printed by printing companies that sell their services to publishers, these magazines are still a set size and of a certain weight, making it impossible for many smaller publishers to store the magazines in their offices or...

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KNOW YOUR STUFF - The Logistics of Warehousing and Distribution

Getting the right mix of distribution and warehousing services can get difficult. You need to make sure you coordinate everything so you don't have too much excess inventory. That will cost you money in storage fees, and that money could be better spent in other areas of your business. Still, you need to have enough product on hand to distribute it when customers want it. Long delays in getting the product can mean your customers won't order from you in the future. Getting your products made and ready for shipment is a big responsibility. So is warehousing and distribution. Let...

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