NPD Logistics Airfreight

As its name suggests, air freight is the shipment of goods via an air carrier.  Air freight shipping is the go-to option for most people when time is of the essence and the destination is far away.  However, because air freight shipping tends to be the most expensive shipping option, its convenience is often weighed against the cost.

Air freight shipping is, more often than not, used in conjunction with other forms of shipping.  For international shipments, a parcel may travel by boat, rail, and ground transportation before reaching its final destination.  For more local shipments, ground transportation is almost always part of the process, because parcels are typically picked up and delivered via ground transport.  The combination of ground and air transport makes it possible to have overnight deliveries to and from most locations around the world.  This makes air freight an integral component to the international trade industry.

The expense associated with air freight means that most customers will not choose it as a regular shipping option, but the benefits like guaranteed delivery rates make it possible for even small and medium-sized companies to compete on a global business level.  Furthermore, because of the constraints of an airline, air freight might be calculated on actual weight, but it could also be calculated on dimensional weight.  Air freight costs can also vary from airport to airport, so that having a knowledgeable logistics company handling your shipments can make a significant cost difference.

Of course, one problem that individual shippers can encounter with international deliveries is that they can be detained in customs once they reach their destination.  Working with a firm like NPD, which has an established reputation and relationships with brokers around the world, can ensure that a shipper’s paperwork is in order for the destination country, and help expedite the shipping process.